In 2003, Iron began working with Purcell Murray, a San Francisco-based distributor of luxury kitchen appliances. Over the next decade, we fell in love with the industry and became experts on the audience. That expertise has propelled us beyond the kitchen and into a wide array of luxury goods markets, but we never forget our roots.

What was needed?
Over the last thirteen years, we have grown to know the luxury home owner audience inside and out. And the fact is smart, engaging marketing is the only thing that audience responds to. It’s not a bonus. It’s not a “nice-to-have.” It’s price of admission. And we built our business to get that job done. From strategy, to copy, to design we know how to connect with some of the most demanding consumers in the world.
What was done?
While we provided marketing support for a broad range of luxury goods brands – producing deliverables that comprise the entire marketing mix, as well as devising complex media and marketing plans – it’s the print advertising that connects most with this aspirational audience.
Coyote Grills: Take it For a Spin

This campaign evokes the innovation of the Coyote brand, leveraging smart phone technology in a unique way. Users were invited to place their phone between the two matching grills and visit coyotespin.com to spin for a chance to win a free grill.

La Cornue: Reanimate

These ads deliver a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the brand’s value proposition, while visually embodying the headline: “Bringing the French culinary tradition to life since 1908.”


These ads were designed to capture the brand essence of MGS faucets in the most succinct fashion, using the faucets themselves to convey a powerful fusion of Italian design and Swiss engineering.

Bertazzoni: Culinary Coloring

This campaign takes an overt approach, associating the range’s stylish color options with ingredients common to the Italian culinary tradition.

What was the outcome?
By leveraging our award winning creative, Purcell Murray has been able to cement their relationships with the brands they distribute – going above and beyond the traditional role of the distributor, producing award-winning campaigns that build brand equity and increase national reach.