At IRON, we have a holiday tradition. As the end of the year draws near, we ask ourselves, what's the most outlandish holiday card we could possibly send out? Then, we make it.

Overview of the Cards

The holiday card is a touch stone for the agency’s culture – it allows us to explore new creative and technological horizons, whether we’re figuring out how to rig an electric train to a clapper or managing the creation of a rampaging team of CGI reindeer.

It's All About Our Clients

But seriously, why do we do it? In the end, everything we do has to serve our clients. And the holiday card is no exception – it allows us to push the boundaries of what is expected and remind our clients and prospective clients of the all-mighty power of “surprise and delight.”

Card #1

In 2012, we built a virtual laboratory, where each member of the agency monitored and maintained a mysterious machine. Users were told that each time they clicked on someone, that person would add an ingredient to the machine, in order to manufacture a holiday card. 

This was true, except when someone’s hair caught on fire, or someone was sucked into a turbine or someone was attacked by a tiny gamma-radiated maniac. Sad you missed it? Don’t worry, it’s still live.

Launch Site

Card #2

In 2014, we produced a segment for a fictional reality show, proving not only that Santa Claus exists, but that he needs to cut back on the egg nog when operating his sleigh.

Among other challenges, this production required us to find a way to create a CGI replica of our office, on a budget. No reindeer were harmed in the making of this holiday card.

Card #3

In 2016, we challenged ourselves to break new ground in the interactive space – giving our fans three ways to hack into our office goings-on. Prepare to see “The Clapper” in a whole new light.

Card #4

In 2017, we revisited the “found footage” concept that was so well received in 2014 – sharing a series of security camera snippets, and challenging people to find the holiday items placed in each snippet. But as they strained to spot the yuletide treasures, they got more than they bargained for.