Based on the impact of IRON's 2012 interactive holiday card, Genentech engaged us to produce a similarly engaging holiday greeting to build brand-awareness with their audience.

The Challenge

In an ongoing initiative to expand its brand awareness beyond its industry, Genentech engaged IRON to produce a ground-breaking holiday greeting with broad appeal.

The Solution

IRON wrote and produced a “mockumentary” about a fictional ailment known as “Rudolphitis.” The star of this historical farse? The user.


Visitors to would be invited to provide their name and upload an image of themselves, as well as answer a few bizarre questions, such as “what is your favorite sandwich topping?”

The mockumentary would then play out, revealing the user’s role in the story – which would adapt dynamically to accommodate the answers the user provided. (Some people would end up kissing a cobra, others would share a tandem bicycle ride with a grizzly.)


After viewing their heroic tale, user’s were invited to share it with their social networks through Facebook. And viral momentum was further aided by custom assets, created for promotion of the site through Genentech’s external and internal websites, as well as each of Genentech’s social channels.

The Results

Rudolphitis stood out among a sea of predictable industry holiday communications, successfully leveraging a broad array of digital channels to connect with a wide audience. In fact it went on to earn top honors in the 2014 Summit Awards.