Boutique fitness studios do a lot of things well: they tend to be subject matter experts, they are more intimate, and they create more memorable experiences. But they have an average membership of only 6 months and are subject to fierce competition.

What Was Needed

We worked with the Leisure Sports Innovation team to develop a mobile app that would help break the current 6-month gym cycle and simultaneously build loyalty, increase engagement, and provide real and social rewards to active users.

What We Did

We reframed the traditional gym class experience, devising a series of “tracks” based around each user’s exercise preferences. The tracks were built around three separate modalities which allowed us to create a new paradigm for the gym class experience –providing new members with the incentive needed to try new classes and giving them the ability to sign up with a single tap.

Data Visualization

As more and more people engage with the idea of the quantified self, we placed great emphasis on visually depicting a person’s progress within their chosen track.


A very simple, task-oriented UI was developed to help guide users to their destinations, while a flat design aesthetic was paired with clean, modern iconography to deliver a smooth, fast and efficient user experience.

The Results

After a successful pilot launch in Lafayette, California, Formula3 opened its second location in Portland, Oregon. With an engaged and active community of members, we continue to provide strategic design services to the founders.


Months to develop


Beta users


Gym booking App