NeuroTrainer commissioned IRON to refine and develop the UX and UI design for a bold new virtual reality brain-training application: Reakt.

What We Did

Reakt is a VR experience that trains mental skills and improves athletic performance. Our brief was to develop a near-future visual aesthetic and design a compelling UX that was forward-looking but familiar.

VR App

Based on decades of neurocognitive research and MRI studies, the technology behind Reakt enables athletes to improve focus, decision-making, and vision.

The Setting

Our job was to help the development team craft a virtual universe that delivered on this futuristic promise, appealed to athletes’ competitive spirit, but remained sports agnostic.

User Interface

Our vision was to create an interface that felt familiar yet unexpected. An interface that could morph fluidly to accommodate different use cases. And an interface that could adapt to an ever-expanding set of data and metrics.


Working within the Lean Start-up framework, we developed a series of marketing assets, from pitch-decks to Oculus Store graphics, all designed to appeal to young athletes motivated by gaining a competitive advantage.

The Results

In this ongoing engagement, IRON will develop an increasing array of materials, from the VR app to the consumer-facing website, and from pitch decks to Oculus Store promotional materials.


Weeks to design UI


Marketing tests


Year engagement