In an era of innovation, brands are striving to leverage the best of the physical and digital worlds. The goal is to deliver on technology’s promise, while serving customers in newly effective ways.

The Challenge

As part of a nationwide on-floor redesign, JCPenney launched 700 Levi’s shop-in-shop experiences. The goal was to augment that physical presence with a touch-screen application that deploys the best of the web right on the shop floor.

What We Did

We designed a dedicated iPad app that enabled shoppers to browse the product assortment on their own terms. 360º product views and product videos enabled them to quickly get a sense of the vast product pool without having to try on the jeans themselves.

Graphic Design

The goal was to strike a balance between emotionally-compelling brand presentation and educational fit-related content. The resulting design gave users parallel look book and fit finder paths to explore.

Online Experience

To accompany the experience, we designed a virtual “Levi’s Denim Bar” at Featuring a high degree of interactivity, 360º product views, fit videos, and look books, we brought the in-store experience to life online.

We created an immersive virtual experience that enabled users to interact with the product in a number of innovative ways.

The Results

A successful, high-impact launch led to a wealth of positive user feedback both in-store and online. The online tool itself delivered significantly higher click-through rates than a traditional shop-in-shop experience.


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