The Salesforce Platform team approached IRON with a unique challenge: how do we harness the enthusiasm of power users of the Salesforce platform to drive adoption? The answer was a fully baked sub-brand called “Workshop-In-A-Box.”

The Challenge

Workshop-In-A-Box was about empowering everyone who wanted to share how they’d built problem-solving, time-saving apps with “clicks not code,” encouraging their peers and co-workers to do the same, and ultimately increasing efficiencies across companies and industries.

What We Did

The initial vision for the program was a PDF-based email campaign, but after some deeper discovery conversations, IRON began visualizing a more complex, more engaging user journey.


IRON developed an identity for the program that was flexible enough to work across the varietyof assets needed for the campaign.

Content Strategy

IRON played a central role in structuring the campaign content and crafting the user journey. Streamlining the experience and the many steps involved was our primary focus.


In addition to being tailored to appeal to the large Salesforce developer evangelist audience, the program was incentivized with the opportunity to win a trip to Dreamforce.

Course Materials

Finally, developing polished, brand-consistent course materials was crucial to lending our volunteer workshop runners the credibility to conduct the workshops with confidence.

The Results

The successful rollout of the Workshop-In-A-Box program helped supercharge Salesforce evangelists during Dreamforce 2018, and Salesforce has contacted us to help develop a similar program for a separate division.