After successfully collaborating with Genentech, the founders of the biotech industry, for a number of years, we were drafted in to define an over-arching direction for the company’s recruitment advertising campaign.

The Challenge
In conducting a messaging audit, we found the war on talent in South San Francisco was relying heavily on "cushy-ness and perks." With Facebook, Google and others selling a "wonderland workplace", we advised Genentech against waging this battle of attrition and the endless investment in shiny distractions involved.
The Solution
Our approach began with bringing Genentech's unique value proposition to the forefront: the desire to help millions through medicine that serves unmet medical needs. But we argued that this was not a value proposition that applied only to the narrow prospect pool of scientists. In truth, every job at Genentech contributes to changing lives. Because every job plays a part in making the science happen, every day.
Campaign Development

With stakeholders spread from the recruitment team to higher level HR personnel to corporate relations, we were faced with a challenging approval gauntlet. But by building consensus at each stage, and by leveraging our Genentech counterparts' great collaborative spirits, we were able to bring a powerfully differentiated campaign to life.

Brand Standards

With a second agency responsible for the day-to-day administration of the campaign, it was critical that we produce clear, prescriptive guidelines to ensure the campaign could succeed with a more production-oriented team at the helm.

The Results
On the back of a successful launch of the recruitment brand, we’ve been drafted in to help the corporate relations team to build out a new look and feel for the parent brand.
We’ve developed a nationally-recognized expertise in recruitment marketing.
Two international marketing competitions won for work performed for Genentech.
For five years, Iron has been producing brand campaigns and digital experiences for Genentech.