International brands can struggle when introducing themselves to new and unfamiliar markets. A new environment demands a new perspective on the brand — and that’s what Bticino asked Iron to deliver.

The Challenge
Bticino is a household name in Europe, when it comes to high-end light switches, wall plates and other electrical device peripherals. However, while most European countries share cultural and aesthetic trends, the US is isolated from that network — and in the US, Bticino’s marketing materials simply weren’t connecting with the target audience.
Over the course of a year, Iron translated Bticino’s message of sophistication both literally and visually, redesigning the company’s website, brochure, catalog, print ads and every other consumer touch point. Iron also planned and bought key media placements to provide exposure to the right consumers, as well as key influencers in the design community.

The website needed to capture both the style and substance of the BTicino brand, offering a high-level "wow" factor and a detailed exploration of the product for those interested in a near-term purchase.


BTicino’s brochure was the embodiment of the brand, conveying an aspirational message appealing to style-centric homeowners.


While the catalog needed to capture the brand essence, it also needed to accommodate huge volumes of data. Iron created stylesheets that balanced the brand’s minimalist essence with dense, table-driven information.

Sample Case

With a style-centric brand, the presentation of the product can be as important as the product itself. We developed this presentation case as an invaluable sales tool.

The results
The new brand look and feel resonated with the US audience, and with a cohesive, on-target marketing arsenal, the company has been able to expand target market saturation from San Francisco to Los Angeles and has since established a presence in New York.
The company has expanded its US operations from San Francisco to LA and New York.
Fifteen hundred employees in the main office in Varese, Italy.