Slack is one of the breakout tech players of our era – and their new brand was sacred. They brought IRON on board to help roll out that brand.

The Mix

For Slack, awareness and education efforts were key. That’s where IRON came in – supporting the need for Product Education Materials, Sales and Training Tools, and Event Graphics.

The Work

The early materials we were contracted to develop for Slack were foundational. So it was critical that we followed their internal team’s direction closely and held the line for brand consistency.

Product Education

As companies mature in the digital age, the value of an engaging product education experience has become more and more evident. We worked with Slack on badges and collateral, as well as micro tutorial videos.



Internal Training Materials

In the early stages of a brand launch, internal materials play an important role, introducing the front lines to the new look and feel. We helped roll out key management training assets to support this effort.

Event Graphics

The event graphics we developed were also a key stone for continuity, extending base templates across new formats.

The Results

Over the course of our first year working with Slack, we produced hundreds of deliverables, and localized many of them across eight languages.