IRON has been acting as a brand steward to Slack for nearly five years – supporting the continuity of their marketing efforts as they've evolved into one of the breakout tech players of our era.

The Mix

For Slack, awareness and education efforts are key – and Iron’s focus is primarily product education, content marketing, advertising, and events.

The Work

The materials Iron produces are some of the highest volume brand assets Slack puts out into the world. As such, we have a unique responsibility to support brand continuity by representing the brand faithfully in every execution.

Product Education

Slack is more than a chat app – much more. And it is our job to create the high volume, templated materials required to efficiently educate customers and prospects about Slack’s full functionality and the impact it can make on their business. From eBooks to one pagers to site graphics to localization, we’re involved with dozens of aspects of the effort.






Advertising is another area in which high volume asset-production MUST be paired with careful attention to brand standards. We deliver everything from static ads, to video, to HTML 5.




Internal Training Materials

Slack understands that successful branding starts from within. Iron produces many of the internal training and marketing materials that bring team members into the fold, so they can market and sell with clarity and confidence.


Event Graphics

Slack’s events are a rare but great opportunity to convey the brand promise to a wide swath of prospects, through one-on-one interactions. We support these events with booth graphic design and visualization, collateral design, special promotional placements, and more.


The Results

Over the last half decade, we’ve earned a consistent year-over-year increase in responsibilities, expanding our working relationship across multiple business units.