Postman provides a platform to build and test APIs, allowing users to simplify and streamline their collaboration.

The Mix

IRON provides Postman with a wide array of services, including advertising, content marketing, product education, training & reference material design, and more.

The Work

Like many of our clients, Postman needed a partner who could step in and act as an extension of their internal team, providing rapid, collaborative ideation and adapting to shifting needs.

Product Education

The need to keep users in the loop on the evolving possibilities of the product is central to modern technology businesses – lack of product knowledge leads to lack of use, which leads to lack of plan renewals. Iron works weekly with Postman to provide the design support needed for the constant flow of educational content they’re producing.

Content Marketing

With more than a decade of technology content marketing design experience, we’ve been able to help Postman flesh out a design system to drive ongoing production initiatives.

Technical Visualization

Part of our work for Postman and many of our clients is to transform highly technical concepts into visual narratives. In this case, we were asked to work with a technical lead to produce some visuals that illustrated the impact of JSON Schema on server loads, to accompany an article discussing the subject.

Advertising & Marketing

Iron has handled brand implementation for a range of static and animated advertising campaigns aimed at solidifying Postman as a market leader for “API-first” businesses.

Reference materials

As a true partner, Iron is often called upon to wade into new territory – which now includes book publishing. After authoring a book on the “API-first,” philosophy, Postman turned to Iron for design and publishing support.


The Results

Over the last two years, IRON has provided Postman with an increasing range of services, earning a steady increase in responsibilities and being credited in part with the company’s tremendous growth in brand awareness.


Greater awareness than top competitor


Project growth