For the past 10+ years, we’ve helped the world’s premier denim brand leverage a wealth of traditional and digital marketing tactics to deliver experiences that combine the best of the physical and virtual worlds.

Levis Client

The Challenge

An iconic brand with global reach relies on its own channels, as well as thousands of retailers, to help execute its strategic vision. The challenge lies in maintaining consistent brand values across a bewildering variety of touch points – all during an era of digital evolution.

The Strategy

Over the years we’ve undertaken a wide-ranging process of optimizing the brand presentation and shopping experience for the Levi’s brand and its key retail partners. Along the way we’ve re-thought the placement, design and taxonomy of the digital brand experience, and introduced custom digital assets that leverage the brand’s value proposition and help the Levi’s shopper successfully navigate the product assortment.
The Missing Link

We’ve transformed the Levi’s digital experience, bringing the power of the brand to bear at retail sites including Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney and more. Find out how we’ve driven an era of unprecedented growth.

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Levi’s Collaborations

Teaming up to Bring Greatness to Market

As well as our extensive wholesale work for Levi’s, we also design and produce content for their Direct-to-Consumer channels. Recent collaborations have seen us deliver assets across various touchpoints, including social, email, and the Levi’s blog and .com sites.

Levis BAPE

The JCP iPad App

As part of a nationwide on-floor redesign, JCPenney launched 700 Levi’s shop-in-shop experiences. The goal was to augment that physical presence with a touch-screen application that deploys the best of the web on the shop floor.

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The Denim Bar

Social Activations

With the rise of influencer marketing, we’ve developed an increasingly sophisticated array of assets for Levi’s social and experiential channels. As well as event collateral, we’ve produced paid media banners and site takeovers, Instagram posts and stories, as well as digital touchscreen experiences.

Levis and Dr. Woo
Levis Share My World
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Levi’s Made of Progress

As part of a major refit of Macy’s Herald Square store, we produced “Made of Progress” – an 84” interactive installation designed to educate and entertain. This cutting-edge touchscreen experience allowed users to explore Levi’s sustainability initiatives and demonstrated why the brand leads in the fields of innovation, social responsibility, and sustainability.

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Levi’s Made of Progress


We’ve been instrumental in delivering omnichannel experiences, bringing the brand’s full power to bear in a coordinated effort that encompasses its vast network of retail partners – including Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, and more. We’ve replaced generic brand presentations with emotionally impactful, integrated experiences that leverage every aspect of the new marketing mix – from social to sweepstakes and from shop-in-shops to store windows.


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