Akamai is a Content Delivery Platform and much more – ensuring websites all over the world are served up faster and more securely. But being on the cutting edge comes with a lot of product education and training. Enter Akamai Launchpad.

The Challenge

Launchpad is a gamified learning system, designed to help Akamai users get the most out of Akamai’s products. To capture the tech-forward possibility of their products and the sense of discovery Launchpad offered, the Akamai team knew they wanted to leverage an illustrated universe, set in outer space.

What We Did

Working with a network of partners, and collaborating closely with the Akamai team, IRON explored a range of illustration styles, then rolled out a broad spectrum of assets, providing the beginnings of an ever-expanding universe.

The Cast

Our early explorations were anchored mostly in character development, with the cyclopian Ace and many-handed Zoe emerging as the clear winners.

The Setting

From there, we rolled out a collection of scenes based in space and on alien worlds, with myriad graphic elements to be mixed and matched for the creation of marketing communications of all stripes.

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The Vehicles

Of course, no one would expect Ace and Zoe to hoof it around the galaxy, so the next question was transportation. From hoverboards to starships, we rolled out a fleet of options.

To Infinity and Beyond

After establishing the foundation for the universe, we’ve begun rolling out scores and assets – from event graphics, to animations, to a collection of badges to be earned by users as they make their way through the Launchpad curriculum.

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The Launchpad brand was a big hit upon its unveiling at Akamai Edge World last year. In just 12 weeks, it helped drive over 500 signups from over 250 companies, and supported active engagement to the tune of over 1000 badges earned.


Signups delivered


Companies engaged
with the program


Badges earned