After 12+ years as Purcell Murray’s agency of record, you’d expect brand fatigue to set in. But our unique client relationships model guarantees fresh, innovative delivery with no expiration date.

The Challenge

Purcell Murray is the California distributor for Thermador, Bosch, Gaggenau, La Cornue and many of the other best known luxury kitchen brands in the world. And for years, the company’s brand equity was primarily driven by the brands with which it was associated. But in 2009, Director of Marketing Kevin Murray set out to establish a marketing presence that would change that equation – allowing the Purcell Murray brand to cast a widespread halo effect, adding cache to associated manufacturer’s brands.

The Strategy

IRON evaluated Purcell Murray’s primary target customers and their behavior – both offline and online. Then we crafted a brand look and feel that spoke to all targets, balancing priority focus groups like architects and designers against the broader field of end consumers. That brand look and feel was then disseminated across every medium – from print advertising to a culinary lifestyle blog to showroom welcome mats.

Website Redesign

Purcell Murray’s primary site catered to each of its many audiences, with sub-sites speaking more specifically to each target.

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The newsletter defined the broader visual language by solving for enagaging presentation of a wide variety of information types.

Gaggenau App

The Gaggenau cooking app is a good example of the “brand balancing act” Purcell Murray faces – fully embracing the visual guidelines of one of their flagship brands and moving their own brand to the background.

La Cornue Product Portfolio

A different example of the brand balancing act, the La Cornue Product Portfolio is an example of a brand over which Purcell Murray has broad creative control, calling for IRON to shape the guidelines rather than follow existing ones.

Franke Product Packaging

Yet another example of the brand balancing act, the Franke product packaging represents the middle ground, where IRON was asked to work with existing guidelines, but push them into new territory.

The Results

As the new brand came to life through traditional channels as well as through Kevin Murray’s new social media initiatives, manufacturer and consumer feedback was extraordinary. In Kevin’s words, “Our new brand look changed the conversations we were having and the way we were seen – from a distributor of internationally known brands, to a true partner of those brands – a small distinction to some, but a game changer for us.”