Paylocity is an HR and online payroll provider built on strong values and innovation. As their business grew, they needed high volume demand generation support that kept their brand values front and center.

The Mix

IRON provides Paylocity with full service marketing support, with a current focus on digital campaign development and video post-production.

The Work

With a newly launched brand, Paylocity needed a partner who could faithfully represent the established brand guidelines, while helping to expand those guidelines to meet emerging challenges.

Advertising Copy + Design

The objective for the first campaign was to provide a broad range of options to be tested in the marketplace, in order to define a foundation for on-going advertising. We wrote and produced 250 static and animated assets over six weeks.




Email & Social

Brand development also extended to copy and design for emails framing product offerings in context of current industry developments and social initiatives, driving traffic to webinars and other informative content.


Video Post-Production

Finally, we’ve provided video post-production – including turning some low grade video call footage into a testimonial video and creating a visual framework to bring a series of audio interviews to life.

The Results

Our test campaign delivered a wealth of invaluable data to guide future advertising, with star performer assets providing nearly 2.2% CTR and significantly contributing to a 140% monthly increase in time spent on site by key audiences.


CTR Highlights


Time on site