For over a decade Iron has been managing the Amazon brand presence for some of the leading names in retail.

Amazon Brand Management

Amazon Brand Management: Explained

Your brand is a crucial commodity. And with Amazon continuing its exponential rise, managing your brand on their site has become central to your online success.

Since more customers now search for products at Amazon than they do at Google, brands have rapidly embraced the need to actively manage their Amazon brand presence.

Amazon brand management has gone from an optional extra for brand marketers, to the single most important e-commerce function in their organizations. Your brand’s voice, photography, video, and user experience, all require careful management. And that’s exactly what Iron was built to support.

As an Amazon marketing agency, our process is built on 3 pillars:

Brand Health

We start with an audit. How well does your brand show up at Amazon now? Are your customers getting a seamless brand experience? Is your content optimized and performing?

Brand Building

Leveraging Amazon Advertising, your Amazon Storefront, and Amazon A+ Pages, we amplify your brand on Amazon. Our goal is to bring the full power of your brand to bear. Seamlessly. And consistently.

Brand Sales

But this is all done with an emphasis on performance. Using Amazon Analytics, A/B testing, and user testing, we work with you to develop the most effective brand-forward creative possible.

What Sets Iron Apart?

There are dozens of marketing agencies offering Amazon services. But there is only one that pioneered brand building at Amazon.

Everything we do is focused on amplifying our clients’ brands and building consistency across every touchpoint. Our goal is to amplify our clients’ brands, not dilute them.

Brand dilution is exactly what can happen if you don’t have a relentless focus on the quality of your brand presentation.

Amazon Brand Ray-Ban

What are Brand Management Services?

Managing a brand at Amazon can be a complicated undertaking. But we keep it simple. Our relentless focus is on creative excellence. We strengthen our clients’ brands through world-class creative strategy and services.

Key Services

  • Amazon Storefront Design & Analytics

    We built the first-ever Storefront at Amazon. And we’ve been building them ever since for some world's biggest retail brands, including Adidas, Fitbit, and Ray-Ban.

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  • Amazon Advertising

    We develop on and off-site advertising and marketing campaigns to drive traffic to Amazon Brand Stores, category landing pages, and product display pages.

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  • Amazon Product Page Development

    We’ve developed best-in-class expertise in Amazon A+ and Syndigo technologies. Services include copywriting, art direction, photoshoots, and page design and management.

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  • Amazon Research & Strategy

    We’ve honed our approach over the past decade, developing a methodology that delivers results quickly and reliably.

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Fitbit Amazon Brand

Why is Amazon Brand Management so Important?

If someone is looking for your brand online, the chances are, they will check out your products on Amazon.

Regardless of where you want to make the final sale, Amazon is going to have a strong influence on their opinion of your brand. And that means you need a world-class Amazon brand and phenomenal consistency across all of your digital channels.

Amazon Marketing and Beyond

And that’s exactly what Iron is designed to do. We are a full-service digital marketing agency. But we specialize in building brands at Amazon and integrating those brands across the entire digital landscape.

How Do You Build a Brand at Amazon and Beyond?

  • Digital Strategists

    Developing an Amazon strategy is half the battle. Your Amazon marketing agency should have seasoned retail strategists, comfortable integrating national and global campaigns with your omnichannel marketing efforts.

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  • Digital Content Creators

    Amazon, like any sophisticated marketing platform, has very specific creative requirements. Your Amazon marketing agency needs to be able to create a vast quantity of on-brand assets. But they also have to make sure they integrate with your macro marketing strategy.

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  • Amazon Storefront Services

    Amazon Storefronts are free, multi-page microsites that live on the Amazon platform. They are essential for promoting brand awareness and driving sales.

    While Storefronts are easy to set up a team with specific Amazon Storefront Design expertise can dramatically improve your performance.

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  • Amazon Advertising Expertise

    A well-qualified Amazon marketing agency should be able to produce advertising campaigns for brands that advertise and sell on and off the Amazon platform.

    But, above all, they need to make the most of the many different Amazon advertising vehicles available.

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  • Amazon A+ Content Design Services

    Amazon A+ Content Design is one of the most important tools brands use to boost visibility and increase sales on the Amazon platform. Of all the Amazon marketing services, this may be the most crucial.

    A+ content lives below the fold on a traditional product page. It is typically comprised of rich-media units that help your brand to stand out from your competitors.

    Incorporating well-designed A+ Content on your product pages can increase your sales by anywhere from 3% to 10%.

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  • Amazon Analytics

    Amazon has a range of built-in analytics data. Their free-to-use analytics platform lets you analyze your sales and traffic sources and optimize your Storefront and Amazon ad campaigns over time.

Brand Management Conclusions

Brand owners who effectively manage their Amazon presence undoubtedly increase their sales. But they also create one of the most important brand platforms for their online customers. Managing your brand at Amazon is becoming more crucial every day. If you’re not already, it’s time to strengthen your brand at Amazon. We designed our agency to help.

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