Since Amazon usurped Google as the go-to destination for product search, brands need an Amazon marketing strategy or risk losing out to their competitors at an ever-increasing rate.

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The Rise of Amazon

In 2017, (rather than Google) officially became the go-to destination for shoppers searching for product – a trend that’s only set to grow. That shift in consumer behavior means brands need a proven Amazon marketing strategy – to increase sales and build crucial brand equity – or risk losing valuable market share to their competitors.

Generating Sales and Building Brand

With Amazon dominating the product search landscape, it’s imperative brands see this not simply as a sales channel, but as an increasingly important brand-building platform. Think about it: if a consumer’s first touchpoint with your brand comes from an Amazon search, you need to rethink how your brand shows up, and then how you guide customers through the sea of competitive products to the crucial point of conversion.

IRON Amazon Strategy
Amazon Marketing Strategy

The IRON Way

That’s Where We Come In

At IRON we help brands evaluate opportunity, build equity, and drive performance across the Amazon platform and beyond. At the heart of everything we do, lies an unwavering commitment to our clients’ brands and their faithful representation across every touchpoint. Our goal: brand amplification, not brand dilution.

What We Do

Our approach has been honed over the past decade, enabling us to develop a proprietary methodology designed to deliver tangible results, quickly and reliably. And since, according to Amazon, 92% of shoppers who start their purchase journey on Amazon make their final purchase with Amazon, the need for a proven strategy is critically important.

Evaluate opportunity


Through a brand audit and data analytics, we determine your immediate and long-term opportunities.

Build Equity


Amazon has evolved from channel marketing partner to a marketing channel in its own right. We amplify your brand presence.

Drive Performance


Managing your brand performance is only half the battle. We drive high volumes of traffic and constantly work to optimize performance.

Fitbit Amazon Brand Store
Fitbit Amazon Store

Our Experience

We’ve worked with some of the leading names in retail. We built the first-ever shop-in-shop at Amazon for Levi’s – and we help them to remain best-in-class to this day. We’ve revolutionized product page development. And we’ve led large-scale research projects to validate and evolve our Amazon Marketing strategies.

Continual Development

Our mission is to continually develop our proven Amazon marketing strategies – driving sales and building crucial brand equity – with a focus on producing world-class brand communication. We’d love to talk to you about helping your business to grow at Amazon and beyond.

Noah Rolland

"IRON Creative consistently delivers innovation, strategic leadership, and peerless execution at an impressive scale."

Noah Rolland – Former VP of Strategy & Innovation at TRX

Let’s Talk

Thousands of brands, both large and small, have woken up to the potential of Amazon to drive unparalleled growth in their businesses. Whether you’re new to the platform or looking to take your Amazon game to the next level, we’re confident we can help.

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