Amazon A+ Content Design is one of the most important tools brands use to boost visibility and increase sales on the Amazon platform.

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What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), offers vendors a unique opportunity to differentiate their brand and products from their competitors.

A+ content lives below the fold – often in a “From the Manufacturer” section – on a traditional product page. It is typically comprised of rich-media units that provide flexibility and brand credibility.

Enhanced Brand Content

While above-the-fold content gives users the “what” in their decision-making process, Enhanced Brand Content gives them the “why.”

Stand Out

A+ Pages feature video, high-quality images, and custom copy to elevate your content, so you can stand out from the crowd, and differentiate from your competitors.

Drive Sales

According to Amazon (and our clients), incorporating well-designed A+ Content on your product pages can increase your sales by anywhere from 3% to 10%.


While you have a captive audience, you can use the “Comparison Chart” Amazon A+ Module as an effective tool to cross-sell or launch new products.

Above the Fold and Below the Fold A+ Content
Amazon A+ Content

How do You Create Amazon A+ Content?

To create Amazon A+ content, you have to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry. That lets them know you either own the brand or are authorized by the owner of the brand to manage Amazon A+ content on their behalf.

Brand Registry Verification

After your brand has been verified by Amazon, you will get access to the Amazon Brand Registry tools that will help you kick your on-site branding into high gear. Those tools include:

• A+ Content

• Sponsored Brands

• Amazon Stores

• New Seller Incentives

Amazon A+ Examples

Why Do Brands Use Amazon A+ Content?

Put simply, Amazon A+ content increases conversion rates and sells more products. But there’s an even greater benefit that’s not immediately obvious.

Well over half of U.S. online consumers start their product search at Amazon. And the vast majority land directly on a product catalog or display page. That’s great from a sales perspective. And that suits Amazon just fine. But that customer has bypassed your brand experience entirely.

A+ Content = Enhanced Brand Content

That’s where A+ Content comes in. It’s your best chance to remind consumers why they fell in love with your product in the first place. And if you are new to the market, it’s your chance to tell them why your brand is so great to begin with.

Amazon A+ Content Benefits

  • Provide Clarity

    Amazon A+ Content gives marketers the chance to answer their customer’s most common questions. By expanding their product details and calling out their benefits, they help drive more informed purchase decisions, increasing sales and reducing the likelihood of returns.

  • Build Your Brand Story

    It's no secret that online shoppers routinely compare prices and products across multiple websites. They may begin their search on one website, compare price on another, and ultimately make their purchase somewhere else entirely. And that doesn't even take into account the type of device they are using, or whether they also shop in person.

  • Create Branded Micro-moments

    The bottom line, these micro-moments create a unique opportunity for marketers. By taking advantage of the A+ Content modules you can craft a consistent brand story across a vast number of touchpoints.

  • Optimize The Product Detail Page

    What's more, you can further optimize each A+ Page with product-specific details, turning the humble product page into a unique landing page in its own right.

  • Consistency is King

    In the always-on era, telling a consistent brand story is essential. Make sure your A+ Content looks and feels like an extension of your other marketing channels.

    Tell a Unified brand Story

    Leverage your brand and campaign kits to build a consistent shopper journey. Use imagery, videos, logos, and any other graphic elements to tell a unified brand story no matter where your customers find you.

    Design Your Own Enhanced Brand Content

    To make things easy, Amazon offers a variety of A+ Page templates. But, for the best results, you should design your own enhanced brand content to build as much synergy with your parent brand as possible.

  • Consider Your Content

    When creating A+ Content, ask yourself: what does your customer need to know to complete a purchase? What’s useful to you might be overkill for a customer, and conversely, what you think would be obvious might be precisely the kind of detail they are looking for.

    Help Customers and Understand Their Pain Points

    Connect with your consumer insights team to understand your customers’ pain points, or consider running some user testing to understand their particular on-platform needs.

  • Boost SEO

    And since some of the enhanced content is “discoverable,” it boosts SEO, making it more findable (particularly for off-platform search).

  • Cross-sell with Comparison Charts

    When creating Amazon A+ Content, we almost always recommend clients use "comparison charts". This simple tool is highly-effective for evaluating, and linking out to, similar products.

Comparison charts are the ideal tool for cross-selling.  
Amazon A+ Comparison Table

What is Premium A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Premium Pages offer even greater creative and functional potential than their standard cousins. Whereas standard A+ Pages are free to both vendors and sellers, A+ Premium pages require a significant investment.

Are A+ Premium Pages Worth It?

Despite their premium price tag, all of the clients that we work with that have tested A+ Premium, have gone on to develop even more premium content. Amazon, and our own clients, report increased sales and a higher conversion rate when they use this powerful tool.

Amazon A+ Premium

Featuring larger module sizes, mobile-responsive design, and more interactive tools (which consumers love) makes Amazon A+ Premium a worthy investment.

Our Amazon A+ Content Design Services

We’ve been building Amazon A+ Pages for over 10 years. And during that time we’ve developed a unique set of skills that sets us apart as one of the leading providers of branded content on Amazon and beyond.

Our Amazon A+ Content Design Services

  • Amazon A+ Content Specialties

    • Amazon A+ Content Strategy

    • Amazon A+ Content Design

    • Amazon A+ Copy Writing Services

    • Asset Development (copy, photography, video, etc.)

    • Amazon Product Detail Page Enhancement and Integration

    • Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central Expertise

    • Amazon A+ Content Guidelines Expertise

    • Amazon A+ Content Management

    • Focus on Increasing Conversion Rates

    • Amazon User Testing

    • A/B Testing

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Enhanced Content Conclusions

Brand owners that create effective Amazon A+ content increase their conversion rates and sell more products. Crucially, they also create branded micro-moments, which preserve the integrity of their brand as consumers comparison-shop from site to site. If you haven’t already, it’s time you created an enhanced content strategy. We’ve been doing just that for over a decade. We’d love to help.

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