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For the past 6 years we’ve helped the world’s premier denim brand leverage a wealth of traditional and digital marketing tactics to deliver experiences that combine the best of the physical and virtual worlds.

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The Challenge
An iconic brand with global reach relies on its own channels, as well as thousands of retailers, to help execute its strategic vision. The challenge lies in maintaining consistent brand values across a bewildering variety of touch points – all during an era of continual digital evolution.
Over the years we’ve undertaken a wide-ranging process of optimizing the brand presentation and shopping experience for the Levi’s brand and its key retail partners. Along the way we’ve re-thought the placement, design and taxonomy of the digital brand experience, and introduced custom digital assets that leverage the brand’s value proposition and help the Levi’s shopper successfully navigate the product assortment.
Levi’s Goes Back to School

We produced Levi’s largest coordinated omni-channel marketing effort, culminating in over 200 creative deliverables across four main channels.

Wholsesale.com: The Missing link

We’ve transformed the Levi’s digital experience, bringing the power of the brand to bear at retail sites including Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney and more. Find out how we’ve driven an era of unprecedented growth.

The JCP Dedicated iPad App

We created an immersive virtual experience that enabled users to interact with the product in a number of innovative ways.

The Belk Interactive Catalog

We developed an interactive marketing catalog with the benefits of an engaging experience and a direct path-to-purchase.

Made of Progress Touchscreen

This cutting-edge touchscreen experience allows users to explore Levi’s sustainability initiatives and demonstrates why the brand continues to lead the field of innovation, social responsibility and sustainability.

We’ve been instrumental in helping deliver omni-channel experiences, bringing the full power of the brand to bear in a coordinated effort that originates with the brand, yet emanates to encompass its vital network of retail partners – including Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney and more. Generic brand presentations have been replaced with emotionally impactful, integrated experiences that leverage every aspect of the new marketing mix – from social to sweepstakes and from shop-in-shops to store windows.
We have played an integral role in the 2X brand engagement rate.
We have helped drive online wholesale revenue by +300%.
In 2014 we executed 15+ digital marketing campaigns improving sales +15%.