How To Hack Amazon Storefronts To Build Brand Equity

How To Hack Amazon Storefronts To Build Brand Equity


The Amazon storefront is your brand’s landing page and a crucial piece of digital real estate on the e-commerce giant’s website. At first glance, it looks like the single biggest opportunity you have to build excitement about your company, rather than your product. You might even think of it as a microcosm of your own website. And with more product searches now taking place at Amazon than anywhere else, it may seem even more important than your own digital home.

However, the reality is that Amazon storefronts are not really storefronts at all. After all, they’re practically hidden and don’t really fit in with your consumer’s natural path to purchase.

Amazon storefronts branded ecosystem organic search

The Inverted Web

The problem is Amazon is like an inverted web browser. In a typical browser, if you search for a brand, you are more than likely going to be served up a link to that company’s home page. And from there you’ll browse and find the product or service you are looking for. All the while you’ll be drip fed the highest digital expression of that brand. At Amazon, the tables are turned. A brand search will yield product, not brand results. From a typical search, you cannot even get to your Amazon storefront. Instead, you click on a product and are driven further down the path to purchase. Exactly where Amazon wants you to be.

So What Are Amazon Storefronts For?

Amazon Storefronts then are not there to serve organic search results, as a traditional website would. They are landing pages that function just like any other landing page would in a digital advertising or outreach campaign. They are there to reinforce campaign messages, product launches, or promotional offers. In other words, they are part of the advertising mix. And for those brands who optimize them accordingly (like this example we designed for Fitbit), they will drive higher conversion and increased average order value. If they are designed correctly, they can also help to build crucial brand equity on a platform that is becoming increasingly hostile to the very concept of brand.

Amazon storefronts branded ecosystem paid media

Winning The Brand War

In the best case, Amazon storefronts give brands an opportunity to flip the inverted search pyramid Amazon has built. If you are willing to take the time to update them in lock step with your advertising strategies and are willing to pay to drive traffic to them through on-site and off-site advertising, you can begin to change the way your customers think about you on Amazon. By increasing the perceived value of your brand, and reconnecting customers with the values that caused them to seek you out in the first place, you can set yourself apart from the overwhelming sea of competitive products that characterize the Amazon platform.


Paying to drive traffic to the storefront is step one in a more complex pay-to-play strategy. While the storefronts themselves are free to build, deeper content experiences on product pages themselves are not. To maximize their investment, we advise our clients to prioritize developing paid content only on their top-performing products, as well as any new products they support with advertising.

Follow The Data

In such a competitive marketplace, brands need to continually monitor and respond to the performance of their campaigns, and that means continually updating their storefronts. Consumers have very specific expectations of their experience on Amazon. It may be out of line with your typical brand customer. Your job is to understand what works for this new breed of Amazon shopper, while still building the brand equity that is the lifeblood of your company in the long term.

The Enduring Appeal of Brand

With Amazon increasingly introducing its own brands into the marketplace, not to mention the ever-increasing range of competitive (and imitation) products, you have to be front of mind when consumers start to tap away in the Amazon search bar. The irony is that while people won’t find your storefront from search, these pages are a proven tool for building the kind of brand equity that triggers a brand search in the first place.

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