As a global leader in consumer and medical footwear, Vionic products are designed with innovation at their core. Our retail and medical experience made us a natural fit to lead their US expansion.

The Challenge
Vionic knew building a consumer brand with broad appeal was critical to driving long term growth, but letting go of their short term QVC-focused brand was a scary prospect.
We proposed marketing that would continue to promote product with a strong call to action, but do so with a very distinctive personality – we call this Branded Retail Marketing.

Marketing is an investment. And as a company with an aggressive goal of growth, Vionic needed to follow the same model as any growth investor: their portfolio NEEDED some risk. So having developed a fairly safe print ad campaign, their TV needed to shake things up. Our position was simple: risky ads might put some people off, but they would connect with many and would be remembered by most – which beats being pleasantly forgotten by all, every time.
Print advertising

Conservative yet effective, our print campaign fulfilled a vital function in the overall marketing mix and delivered tangible results.


The TV spots enabled us to truly develop a unique voice for the brand, delivering a series of comedic vignettes that clearly articulated their value proposition.

Social campaign

We encouraged users to tell their own “break-up” stories as they ditched potentially damaging shoes for Vionic’s brand of medically-endorsed products.

The results
In branding, it’s always good to do something bold. But in Branded Retail Marketing, it’s crucial – because the creative hook needs to make a big impact very quickly, in order to leave time for the sell. (So instead of 30 seconds to establish our personality, we really only have 10.)

The added benefit of breakthrough creative is that it is able to breakthrough in any channel. And we successfully executed the campaign across digital, in-store and social channels.

The result: the outcome has been very positive. Following the airing of the TV campaign, several retailers sold out and promptly ordered more Vionic product – furthermore, customers have been citing the TV spots as the main reason they opted for the brand.
The TV Campaign raised awareness 3.7%
Intent to purchase increased 3.5%
In Phoenix awareness rose from 21.8% to 27%