In the fast-paced world of personal training, TRX needed an agency that understood the fitness space and produced best-in-class strategic communication to match their best-in-class training equipment.

The Challenge
When a challenger brand redefines a market sector, it has to remain nimble to stay one step ahead of its numerous competitors. The challenge lies in producing cutting edge creative – that drives real world results – at a pace the competition simply struggles to live with.
Working on a broad array of deliverables, as well as helping the brand evolve its training philosophy and broader brand positioning, has enabled us to hit a variety of key sales goals while helping lay the foundation for a strengthened communication platform for the longer term.
TRX Training Mobile App

A simple pair of straps can be remarkably difficult to master. So we created a compelling but functional App to guide solo users through a series of tailored workouts.

TRX Brand Advertising

We produced a series of award-winning print ads that place TRX at the center of any seasonally-focused active lifestyle.

Digital Brand Extension

A large part of our work with any brand involves deploying assets across a wide variety of media: here is an early prototype of the TRX Military web site.

The results
We’ve helped the brand deliver the most thorough marketing outreach program in their history – implementing a broad range of creative and strategic approaches while AB-testing to deliver the most effective materials to the their loyal customer-base. Amidst this blistering schedule we’re hard at work implementing a longer-term strategic communication strategy that will set the tone for years to come.
For Holiday 2014, we generated forty-six different emails.
The most successful open rate was 58% (versus 17.5% average).
The highest click rate was 15% (versus 2.6% average).