Wanted: Senior Designer / Relentless Problem Solver

Wanted: Senior Designer / Relentless Problem Solver


Iron is looking for a Senior Designer! If the right side of your brain and the left side of your brain know how to team up to get shit done, this may be the job for you. The person we’re looking needs three things…

#1: Methodology-Driven Problem Solving

Our clients often give us some but not all of the pieces of the puzzle, and our Senior Designers are on the front lines when it comes to making sense of disparate information and shaping narratives. So you’ll need to have a proven process for making all that happen.

#2: Solid Design Skills

We’re not looking for a Designer with a writing background. In fact, we predict that all marketing will be entirely picture-based within four years, because by that time no one will be able to read, except for Siri and Alexa, and none of our clients are trying to sell stuff to Siri or Alexa. So, you know, be good at design and stuff.

#3: Hands-On Work Ethic

This is a working role, not a resting-on-laurels role. While production design is typically handed off, our Senior Designers still spend 70%+ of their time pushing the pixels. We don’t want to go so far as to say “prima donnas need not apply,” but we did just say it and it’s out there now, so what can we do?

We Lied. There’s More Than Three Things.

  • Some experience directing junior designer(s).
  • 4-7 years experience designing for print & digital advertising
  • High level proficiency in Adobe Design Suite
  • Emerging expertise in InVision & Sketch

About The Company

Iron Creative was founded in 2003. We are a thirty person digital agency, specializing in supercharging content marketing for B2B technology businesses, and optimizing the digital retail presence of fashion and lifestyle brands.

We’ve handled virtually every type of project, and we’ve done it with a do-or-die attitude that’s earned the trust and long-term loyalty of clients like Genentech, Salesforce, Levi’s and Dockers.

We produce a lot of work to a very high standard and we do it very quickly – but along the way, we aim to make the agency a place where we all want to work. So if you have ideas that would make you love your job more, we’ll want to hear them.

(That said, we have already vetted the pony petting zoo idea and it’s just not practical on the third floor.)

Life At Iron

We deeply value our culture and work to ensure everyone has a clear sense of where their career is going, so we can help get it there. A few highlights of living the Iron life:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Strengths-based working environment
  • 401k (with employer match)
  • Extra Friday off, every month
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Dog friendly
  • Team outings

Next Steps

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity to you, let’s talk! Email us with a link to your resume / portfolio, salary expectations, and a short outline of why you’d be a good fit for the role.

Interested in collaborating? Drop us a line.

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