Levi’s Flagship Storefront Gets a Vibrant New Look

Levi’s Flagship Storefront Gets a Vibrant New Look


The Levi’s Brand Environment team recently partnered with IRON to create new and lively storefront display videos for their flagship Market Street location. We created quite a few assets: one video highlighted a key promotion–Indigo Friday–and started on Black Friday. The other videos were created for their annual summer and winter sales events and will run throughout the year.

On a street teeming with dynamic promotional messaging and vibrant retail energy–and with only moments to capture a customer’s attention–the new visuals needed to set Levi’s above and apart from the rest.

We decided this would require new imagery.

So, IRON produced a photoshoot at the Levi’s Lab to capture the 50+ jean stacks and Trucker jackets seen in the annual sales videos. The final videos will continue to appear on two 60 sq. foot LED screens in the Levi’s storefront for years to come. We’re thrilled with the results. Now, Levi’s does, in fact, stand above and apart. 

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