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Over the last five years, Iron has proudly helped to promote Genentech’s patient-focused philosophy and the pioneering spirit that birthed the biotechnology industry.

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The Challenge
As a resource for a wide array of Genentech’s business units, Iron has been called upon to meet a wide variety of challenges in the traditional and digital marketing realms.
In order to serve the varying needs presented by Genentech’s many divisions, Iron has built a core team, supported by specialists in every area – allowing us to deliver top tier creative services including everything from graphic design to brand strategy to UX/UI design to video production.
The New Brand

Our most visible work for Genentech is the development of a new corporate brand. Working hand-in-hand with internal leadership, Iron was an instrumental part of the new messaging and visual vernacular influencing communications across the entire organization.

Diversity & Inclusion Site

For Genentech, embracing diversity is not simply about social good. It is a critical driver for the business – because uncovering new insights demands new perspectives. Our mission here was to produce an interactive module that drove that message home.

Recruitment Campaign

Genentech engaged Iron to reposition their recruitment messaging – helping them to attract top talent in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Health Benefits Site

Genentech needed a better way for employees to understand their health benefit options. Iron created a clear, engaging web experience that allowed them to visualize various scenarios and identify which applied best to them.

The results
Over 5 years, Iron has built relationships with over a dozen separate departments within Genentech, as well as its parent company, Roche. Genentech's brand team attributes the referrals driving this success to the top creative talent and deeply dedicated account service Iron delivers.