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Strategic processes are too often laborious exercises in learning what you already know. So we ask the big questions, skip the jibber-jabber and identify the insights that matter. Then we bring those insights to life. Ultimately, it’s about defining your brand essence. What’s that? It’s the thing that your customer wants, that you provide, that isn’t available anywhere else. It’s also the distinctive way you relate to your customer [aka your brand personality].

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Online Retail Marketing

Building brand momentum at retail partner sites calls for the same design and messaging capabilities you rely on for success at your other brand touch-points. But it also calls for brand-inspired enhancements that engage shoppers in a way that transcends the virtual environment. With unique tools like personal profiles, product videos and 3-D product inspectors we create a brand-driven portal that works to simulate the in-store experience and overcome the barriers that obstruct online purchases.

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Iron’s approach combines consumer-marketing strategy with nonprofit know-how.

The Bottom Line

The ability to effectively communicate your brand essence – the central message and character driving your organization – dictates how successful you will be. The irony is that nonprofit organizations often struggle to justify spending hard-earned funds on marketing. But if you’re not actively managing people’s perception of your organization, your chances of success become rather slim. So you need to do it, and you need to do it right – which is where Iron comes in. We fuse aggressive consumer-marketing strategy with extensive nonprofit know-how.

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